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Email Marketing and Automation

In spite of all the new ways to reach customers digitally, email marketing is still the most effective channel for customer engagement. In fact, over 50% of marketers believe email to be their most lucrative marketing technique. But simply using email marketing is not enough! Such an impactful channel must be fully optimized to ensure the most value is leveraged.

Our email and automation experts are passionate about streamlining the process to cultivate highly-effective email marketing. Our team has in-depth knowledge of email marketing and can deliver a creative marketing approach for every segment.

Our email marketing will hit target audiences and nurture with relevant and compelling content to promote demand and lead generation.

Our digital agency team also provides great value by branding email, curating content, crafting campaign strategy automation plans and establishing concise regular reporting.
Our Interlocking 8 Step Email Marketing and Automation will:

  • Grow lead funnel and nurture existing contacts, improving conversion and retention.
  • Maximize throughput through use of best email practices, reducing junk filters, undeliverables, bounces, and unsubscribes, all while respecting latest CAN-SPAM requirements.
  • Improve ability at analyze customer and engagement data and sync data across to other platforms like CRM and social media so they are all fully aligned.
  • Allow simple ability to report on effectiveness of your campaigns and overall marketing efforts to show tangible and accurate ROI.

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verb: interlock; 3rd person present: interlocks; past tense: interlocked; past participle: interlocked; gerund or present participle: interlocking
  1. (of two or more things) engage with each other by overlapping or by the fitting together of projections and recesses.
    “their fingers interlocked”
    synonyms: interconnect, interlink, engage, mesh, intermesh, join, unite, connect, couple

    “the puzzle pieces are designed to interlock”

What is Interlock Marketing?

What is Interlock Marketing?

INTERLOCK Marketing is essential in todays world. Todays business needs a collaborative effort to create business. That’s why when we begin to develop your marketing and brand image we combine all 8 interlocking steps to produce a powerful profitable message. Your social media supports your email and in-turn your website which supports your public relations, and cross promotes your social media, email broadcasts, in-store brochures, video marketing, advertising, reputation management and logo standards which ultimately creates your good name or brand value. We created BrandaNation to be your all-inclusive marketing tool to build your brand and business.

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