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Frequently Asked Social Media Questions

Do I need Social Media?

Yes. Social media is not a fad, but rather a method for businesses to continuously engage with customers for referrals and top-of-mind marketing.

How long does social media take?

Some sales cycles for a particular type of business such as insurance and real estate are generally longer than a business in a retail store. So, it’s going to take longer to develop your market awareness over time if followers aren’t in the near term market for real estate or insurance. It’s important to be available and demonstrate knowledge at a time when followers are ready.

Do I sell anything on social media?

It’s imperative not to apply selling methods to your social media followers, but rather provide advice for them. You’ll earn their trust just like an advisor and friend. Your social media plan should place you in the hearts and in the forefront of your former customers when ready to purchase.

Isn't a website enough?

Gone are the days when all your business really needed was a simple website with your address. Today it’s a new ballgame. Your once accepted online website by itself doesn’t make it alone. Customers expect a complete business brand experience from your Website, Social Media and Print all working together to get their purchases. So, what’s the answer for small businesses to not only keep up, but to thrive in this new marketplace? Embrace each channel of online and offline business methods and make them work together.

Do I need to have customer service at my location?

Social media doesn’t take the place of your personal business interactions, but rather assists in developing trust for those relationships. Those interactions and personal “human” experiences are extended and reciprocated through social media. Facebook provides 1.28 billion of monthly active users. One out of seven people are using Facebook worldwide as a way to connect and be top-of-mind for your and brand. Now is the time to make your presence on social media.

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