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Our Interlocked 8 Step Marketing Method has become a small business phenomena. We provide a low monthly price for what every company needs to be successful.

It’s astonishing to see that an overwhelming percentage of marketing companies don’t offer an integrated approach. We do.

Why is an agency’s skill at integrated/interlocked marketing communications so important to small businesses? Because it’s a recipe for success. That’s what every large fortune 500 company does. A marketing company like BrandaNation that can integrate messages holistically across channels is at a premium. In other words, we cross promote and weave our 8 step marketing applications to overlap and support to create a strong and powerful marketing solution for businesses with a limited budget.


“We Handle All Your Marketing for One Low Monthly Price” 

Integrated Marketing Communications

“We Put Everything Together for You” 

What is Integrated  

Marketing Communications? 

Integrated Marketing Communications is combining all marketing to speak one message. Todays business needs a collaborative effort to create business. That’s why when we begin to develop your marketing and brand image we combine all 8 interlocking steps to produce a powerful profitable message. Your social media supports your email and in-turn your website which supports your public relations, and cross promotes your social media, email broadcasts, in-store brochures, video marketing, advertising, reputation management and logo standards which ultimately creates your good name or brand value. We created BrandaNation to be your all-inclusive marketing tool to build your brand and business.

Here's What You Get

One Low Monthly Price


1. Web Design

Mobile-Ready, Website with SEO, Hosting, Email, Social Media Feed, Design, Photos, Copywriting and Video Search Marketing

2. Social Media

Consistent & Relevant, Month-to- Month Social Media Content with 8 Step Integration

3. Print

Matching 8 Step Brochures with Social “Like” Media Targeting Micro Market Penetration

4. Advertising

Advertising Targeted Industry Relevant Ads Including Video Search Marketing

5. Public Relations

Press Releases for Internet & Local Newspaper with Video YouTube Marketing

6. Brand Campaign

Campaign Brand Slogan Messaging Carried Throughout 8 Step

7. Brand Logo

Develop Logo Brand with Color Graphic Standards

8. Brand Reputation

Reputation Intelligent Management & Testimonials


“Integration means communicating a consistent identity from message to message, and medium to medium, and (more importantly) delivering consistently on that identity. It requires not only the identification of a powerful, unifying strategy and compelling voice for your brand, but the discipline to roll it into every aspect of your organization—from advertising to sales, customer service to customer relationship management programs (and beyond). It’s not for the faint of heart.”     – Bloomberg Business

The Marketing Industry is Moving Toward Interlocking

What Does Forbes Say About Integrated Marketing?

Integrated Marketing Communications

Integrated marketing communications has turned into the area of the greatest importance to companies, who desperately seek a holistic approach to engage consumers.

Still, it was astonishing to see that 68% of the respondents put integrated marketing communications ahead of “effective advertising” (65%), when they were asked what the most important thing is that they want from an agency. Integration is also among the top reasons that marketers dismiss an agency and look for a new one, and it is a pivotal factor in selecting a particular agency in a pitch.

Why is an agency’s skill at integrated marketing communications so important to marketers?

The answer has to do with the pressure that CMOs face in a rapidly changing environment. When asked how their job has changed, most, or 54%, point to the fact that marketing is becoming more complex due to the explosion of communication channel options that is making their job more challenging. An agency partner that can integrate messages holistically across channels is at a premium.

Reprinted from Forbes Magazine

“IntegrateYour Marketing for One Low Monthly Price” 

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